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Why Nang Song Hong

Nang Song Hong is an idyllic property that can meet a wide variety of needs

*    Excellent cuisine focusing on the world famous food from Vietnam, with a particular focus on northern cuisine and that of Hanoi. Perfect for special lunches and memorable dinners.

*    An elegant bar makes for an ideal spot to watch the sun go down in Hanoi and sip on a beverage of your choice; this is one of the only places in Hanoi where you can watch the sun go down over the red river.

*    The cozy Riverside Cafe is a great place to sip on something hot in the winter and cold in the summer.

*    Beautiful location on the banks of the Red River amongst the lush vegetation of a tropical part of the worlds that still enjoys all four seasons. The closest countryside feeling to central Hanoi.

*    Unlike most venues, we are away from the noisy beating heart of Hanoi and the congestion and pollution that comes with it. Feel yourself relax as you get into the flow of the Red River Delta region.

*    An extensive property with many facilities makes this a perfect location for an event in Hanoi.

*    Just 15 minutes by car from central Hanoi and many of the most popular hotels in the city such as the Metropole and Sofitel Plaza. Only 30-45 minutes to the airport.

*    In tune with the cultural practices of northern Vietnam with a passion to show this to interested visitors from other parts of the world.