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Nang Song Hong

A Warm Welcome to Nắng Sông Hồng, Hanoi’s newest restaurant and an innovation in premium hospitality.

We strive to serve the very best food from northern Vietnam, and display authentic culture from Hanoi and the surroundings areas. We are passionate about northern Vietnam, from the mouthwatering food to the vibrant culture, from the long history to the classic elegance of Hanoi capital.

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Our Food

The Nang Song Hong restaurant is dedicated to celebrating the harmonious flavors of authentic cuisine from Hanoi and northern Vietnam. Northern Vietnamese cuisine relies on the freshness of the ingredients and the skill in preparation to execute timeless recipes and create exceptional specialty dishes, many of which can only be found in Hanoi and the surrounding areas.

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Water Puppet & Museum

Water Puppetry is one of northern Vietnam’s most celebrated cultural practices and thousands of people are drawn to this unique art across Hanoi and Vietnam everyday. We have designed our own Water Puppet theatre, employed our own artists, and written exclusive stories that take the audience to the very heart of daily life in the culturally rich Red River Delta of Vietnam

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