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Our Food

The Nang Song Hong restaurant is dedicated to celebrating the harmonious flavors of authentic cuisine from Hanoi and northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnamese cuisine relies on the freshness of the ingredients and the skill in preparation to execute timeless recipes and create exceptional specialty dishes, many of which can only be found in Hanoi and the surrounding areas.

Experienced and expertly trained chefs from across northern Vietnam use only the finest quality ingredients to serve up mouthwatering and unforgettable food in our restaurant.

Vegetables are cultivated onsite on our own farm guaranteeing a high degree of food safety and quality as well as a supreme level of freshness. Good health and food quality is of utmost importance to us and we only wish for our guests to experience a premium standard in our restaurant.

We train our service staff in the delicacies of traditional northern Vietnam hospitality to ensure that guests feel at once comfortable and content.

Premium service coupled with our stylish design and inspiring architecture creates a warm and cozy restaurant atmosphere that transports you to a refuge of calm and peace in Hanoi. We handpick our staff from across Hanoi and Vietnam to bring premium service to our guests.

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