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Entertainment & Art Program

More than a thousand years of development, Hanoi became the cultural characteristics of the Red River Delta region in particular and the country in General. This is where culture has had a significant influence to the cultures of Vietnam. To say more clearly, there are many types of traditional art of many countryside was born right in the Red River Delta region and that's why we want to preserve by rehearsal and organizing the folk art program steadily at the Sunny River.

One type of culture is the Vietnam folk music programs such as Ca Tru, Trau Van. Ca Tru is art line thickness to a Millennium and has recently been recognized by UNESCO as cultural heritage of mankind. In addition, the adoration of Literature or Writing Songs are also held regularly brings you experience the unique cultural values that carry the identity of thousands of life today.

His home town of Nang Song Hong market showcasing the works of handicrafts are produced for the purpose of exchanging or trading in the Red River Delta region for many centuries. Here, the local artisans and many of them are artists whose reputation convergence to exhibit and showcase the work of our own culture.