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Traditional Entertainment & Shopping

For over a thousand years the culture that developed and flourished in the Red River Delta and in Hanoi has been central to the wider culture in Vietnam. Many of the countries’ great traditional forms of entertainment were born in the northern delta region, and this is what we passionately celebrate and display at Nang Song Hong.

We hold traditional Vietnamese music shows such as Ca Tru, which is thought to have been in existence for a millennium and has recently been recognized by UNESCO as an example of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Chau Van, or Hat Van, performances are also held, an exciting and mesmerizing form of music that serves to hypnotize mediums for reception with the spirits and gods.

Our traditional market focuses on expertly crafted items that have been produced and sold in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam for centuries. Local artisans, some of whom come from a long line of craftsman, have been invited to sell and display their work.